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Beer Points

What are Beer Points?

Beer Points are a way to determine what type of discount you get. In the beginning you get 1 point per dollar spent. As you progress to higher levels you earn points faster. For instance at the Master Brewer level you earn 2 points per dollar.

How do I get these amazing Beer Points?

Just ask! It is totally free to sign up. One of our friendly staff will be happy to sign you up next time you are in the store. From that point forward just give the clerk your Beer Points number before you pay. Your Beer Points number is generally your phone number. We wanted to keep it easy! Keep in mind that points can not be retroactively added. You must give us you points number BEFORE paying for your purchase!

How do I know how many Beer Points I have?

Your points total will print at the bottom of your receipt. Simply add your receipt's subtotal to that total and that's how many points you have.

Do Beer Points ever expire?

Yes and no. Your points that calculate your level are good for 1 year after earning them. If you’re a Head Brewer with 900 points and 200 of those points expire you will be dropped down to Brewer until you earn the 100 points needed to get you back to Head Brewer. The points for your coupons never expire (Coupons do! See below).

What are these levels you mentioned and how do I get to them?

Glad you asked! There are 4 different levels.

  1. Keg Washer - this is where you start. Keg Washers earn 1 point per dollar.
  2. Brewer - you’re a brewer after 400 points. Brewers earn 1 point per dollar, but you no longer have to wash kegs!
  3. Head Brewer - after 800 points you’re a Head Brewer and you earn 1.5 points per dollar
  4. Master Brewer - We will make you a Master Brewer after 1600 points. Master Brewers earn 2 points per dollar

How do I know what level I am on?

Sadly you will have to ask a staff member. You say there must be an easier way? We have top men working on it right now. Top men.

Hey wait a minute! How do I save money with all this?

Haha! This is the good part. For every 200 points you earn we will give you $10 off your next purchase. Depending on your level this is the same as a 5%, 7.5%, or 10% discount!

Explain these coupons.

Hey. That’s not a question! I'll explain them anyway. Coupons are printed at the end of your receipt when you have enough points. They are special coupons and are linked to your account with a serial number. As such they cannot be reprinted so don't lose them!


  4. We have had issues with folks keeping coupons in their wallet and the ink fading. Spilling beer on your coupon renders it useless.

Do these wondrous coupons ever expire?

Yes. After 90 days from being printed the coupons are no longer valid.

I'm a Head Brewer and just bought a kegerator system for $400 and my coupon didn't print! What's up with that?

Point totals are calculated every night. Let's say you have 45 coupon points and you're a Head Brewer because in the past 12 months you have earned 1300 points. Now you just spent $400 as a Head Brewer and that purchase is worth 600 points. So now you have 645 coupon points The next time you come in a coupon for $40 off will print at the bottom of your receipt. It doesn't matter if your purchase is for $1 or $1000 you get a coupon for $40 off. Let’s say you come in and buy a pack of yeast for 7 bucks, your $40 coupon prints and 600 coupon points are used. You still have 52 coupon points left and your rolling total is now 1907. Congratulations! You’re a Master Brewer!

But I want my coupons NOW!

OK OK, calm down. I'll share a secret. So you have been keeping track of your points and you know that you have a $30 coupon coming your way. Just pay for something small and your coupon prints out. Then you can use it for the rest of your purchase. If you employ this system please use cash for the small purchase, merchant services fees are awful.

Beer Points can not be combined with other discount programs such as our AHA and Club discounts. We reserve the right to change things whenever we see fit.