Bull City Homebrew
Mon-Wed: 11am-7pm
Thurs-Fri: 11am-9pm
Sat: 10am-9pm
Sun: 10am-6pm
Win prizes at trivia! Every Friday night at 7pm.
We will closed Oct 22nd and 23rd to move to our new location
Pre-Order Dessert Wines
Each year RJS Craft Winemaking offers home winemakers an exclusive selection of outstanding dessert wine kits. With several dessert inspired flavors to choose from, these wines add that extra ‘something’ to your celebrations and finish off a good meal right. Due to the nature of these kits, they are only available for a limited time, and must be pre-ordered before they're available to ship. Additionally, the ever popular Orchard Breezin' Cranapple Celebration is available for a limited time along with these dessert wine kits. Email orders@bullcityhomebrew.com to order your kit today! Deadline for pre-orders is August 16, 2018.