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Beer Recipe Kits

Need help figuring out when to brew what?

Check out the Homebrewing calendar to see which styles are in season now and when you should brew them. You brew the beer during the first colored month and drink the beer during the last colored month. Gray = winter, Green = spring, Yellow = summer, Red = fall.
Amercian Light Ingredient Kit$32.39 each
American Classic One Gallon Ingredient Kit$15.99 each
American Cream Ale Ingredient Kit$35.59 each
American Pale Ale Ingredient Kit$40.59 each
American Pale Wheat Ingredient Kit$38.79 each
American Red Ale One Gallon Ingredient Kit$17.99 each
American Wheat One Gallon Ingredient Kit$15.99 each
Belgian Dark Strong Ingredient Kit$48.39 each
Belgian Golden Ale Ingredient Kit$53.49 each
Belgian Saison Ingredient Kit$45.39 each
Belgian Saison One Gallon Ingredient Kit$19.19 each
Belgian Tripel Ingredient Kit$52.29 each
Belgian Tripel One Gallon Ingredient Kit$19.29 each
Black IPA Ingredient Kit$45.79 each
Blueberry Honey Ale Ingredient Kit$50.79 each
Brandy Barrel Brown Ingredient Kit$51.99 each
Chocolate Chili Stout One Gallon Ingredient Package$19.29 each
Coffee Porter Ingredient Kit$43.99 each
Double IPA Ingredient Kit$52.59 each
English Brown Ale Ingredient Kit$38.49 each
Extra IPA - Hop Rotator Series Ingredient Kit$53.79 each
Grapefruit IPA Ingredient Kit$48.99 each
Honey Brown Ale Ingredient Kit$43.59 each
Imperial IPA One Gallon Ingredient Kit$21.39 each
Imperial Stout One Gallon Ingredient Kit$20.19 each
India Pale Ale Ingredient Kit$47.19 each
IPA One Gallon Ingredient Kit$21.29 each
Irish Stout Ingredient Kit$39.59 each
K├Âlsch Ingredient Kit$33.99 each
NEIPA Ingredient Kit$49.99 each
Orangesicle Cream Ale Ingredient Kit$42.99 each
Pacific Coast IPA Ingredient Kit$44.99 each
Pale Ale One Gallon Ingredient Kit$17.99 each
Peanut Butter Brown Ingredient Kit$40.39 each
Porter One Gallon Ingredient Kit$18.99 each
Robust Porter Ingredient Kit$35.99 each
Russian Imperial Stout Ingredient Kit$51.69 each
Scottish Ale Ingredient Kit$30.49 each
Session IPA Ingredient Kit$41.79 each
Smoked Porter Ingredient Kit$41.19 each
Toasted Coconut Cream Ingredient Kit$32.29 each
Weizenbier Ingredient Kit$39.99 each
Whisky Barrel Stout Ingredient Kit$46.59 each
White Chocolate Blonde Stout Ingredient Kit$44.79 each
Witbier Ingredient Kit$39.99 each