Bull City Homebrew
Mon-Wed: 11am-7pm
Thurs-Fri: 11am-9pm
Sat: 10am-9pm
Sun: 10am-6pm
NEW LONGER HOURS! We are now open until 9PM Thurs-Sat!
Miscellaneous Equipment
0-30 PSI Adjustable Propane Regulator$27.99 each
1/2" 3 Piece Sanitary Ball Valve$19.99 each
1/2" Barb X 1/2" FPT Adapter$5.99 each
1/2" Clamp for Auto Siphon$3.99 each
1/2" Compact Ball Valve$10.99 each
1/2" Compression x 1/2" NPT Stainless Steel$20.99 each
1/2" Elbow Stainless$5.29 each
1/2" Female Connector$5.49 each
1/2" Full Port Ball Valve$17.99 each
1/2" Kwik Clamp$0.59 each
1/2" Stainless Locknut$4.99 each
1/2" Weldless Standard valve w/ Kettle Screen$49.99 each
1/2" x 1" SS Threaded Stem$4.99 each
1/2" x 2 1/2" SS Threaded Stem$9.99 each
10 Inch Domed False Bottom$39.99 each
10 inch Nylon Funnel$8.90 each
10" Carbon Filter$13.99 each
12 Inch Domed False Bottom$43.99 each
12 inch Nylon Funnel$10.99 each
12" Slotted Stainless Steel Domed False Bottom$54.99 each
12.5' Copper Pre-Chiller$32.99 each
18" Sight Glass Tee$26.99 each
18" Stainless Steel Sight Glass Elbow$45.99 each
20 Cubic Foot Oxygen Tank$89.99 each
22" Stainless Steel Whisk$12.99 each
3 Inch Stainless Hop Ball$4.99 each
3 ml Transfer Pipette$0.25 each
3" Wall Coupling$22.99 each
3/8" Barb X 1/2" MPT Adapter$4.99 each
3/8" Barb X 1/2" MPT Elbow$7.99 each
3/8" Barb X 3/4" Female Garden Hose$5.79 each
3/8" Clamp for Auto Siphon$3.89 each
3/8" Compression x 1/2" NPT Stainless Steel$13.99 each
3/8" Compression X Female Garden Hose Adapter$9.99 each
3/8" Compression X Male Garden Hose Adapter$9.99 each
3/8" Kwik Clamp$0.59 each
30-Minute Mozzarella and Ricotta Kit$24.95 each
4" Stainless Thermowell$35.99 each
5 inch Nylon Funnel$1.99 each
50 Caliber Bullet Bottle Opener$14.99 each
7.62mm Bullet Bottle Opener$12.99 each
8 inch Nylon Funnel$7.59 each
Acid Titration Kit$11.39 each
Aluminum and Stainless Steel Fruit Press$199.99 each
Anti-Splash 8" Funnel$11.69 each
Barley Crusher Malt Mill with 15 lb Hopper$169.99 each
Bayou Classic 20 Quart (5 gal) Stainless Steel Pot$49.99 each
Bayou Classic 30 Quart (7.5 gal) Stainless Steel Pot$69.99 each
Bayou Classic 40 Quart (10 gal) Stainless Steel Pot$89.99 each
Bayou Classic 62 Quart (15.5 gal) Stainless Steel Pot$119.99 each
Bayou Classic 6-Piece Bulkhead Fitting$15.99 each
Bayou Classic 82 Quart (20.5 gal) Stainless Steel Pot$169.99 each
Bayou Classic KAB4 Bayou Burner$109.99 each
Bayou Classic KAB6 Heavy Duty Burner$139.99 each
Bayou Classic SP1 High Pressure Jet Burner$49.99 each
Bayou Classic SQ84 Burner$89.99 each
Bayou Classic Stainless Steel Homebrew Equipment Kit$129.99 each
Bottle Opener; Wall Mount$8.99 each
Brew Belt$26.99 each
Brewer's Best Stir Bar$4.99 each
Brewer's Best® Magnetic Mini Stir Plate$59.99 each
Butter Muslin$7.99 each
CarbonSnake Filter System$17.90 each
Carboy Stopper Thermowell$24.99 each
Cast Iron Banjo Burner$39.99 each
Cheese Cloth$7.99 each
Chugger Pump - Stainless Steel Center Inlet$149.99 each
Chugger Pump - Stainless Steel Center Inlet Head Only$69.99 each
Chugger Pump - Stainless Steel Inline Pump$139.99 each
Coldbreak Brewing False Bottom$59.99 each
Diffusion Stone .5 Micron$15.99 each
Diffusion Stone 2 Micron$12.99 each
Draft Tower Shank; Compression Style Tailpiece$29.99 each
Erlenmeyer Flask - 1000 ml$15.00 each
Erlenmeyer Flask - 2000 ml$19.99 each
Erlenmeyer Flask - 5000 ml$39.99 each
Extra Gasket for all spigots$0.59 each
Extra Strainer for 12" Funnel$3.00 each
Female Cooler Bulkhead$29.99 each
FermFast™ Copper Mesh Roll 1 lb$14.99 each
FermFast™ Raschig Rings 1 lb$7.99 each
FermFast™ Raschig Rings 1 oz$2.79 each
Fine Mesh Straining Screen For Funnels$2.79 each
Flat Silicone Gasket$2.99 each
Glass Carboy Dry Hopping Tube$29.99 each
Hard Maple Mash Paddle$24.99 each
High Flow Quick Connect Plug x 1/2" MPT$6.99 each
High Flow Quick Connect Socket x Barb$15.99 each
Hose Clamp Easy-Turn 1/2"$0.99 each
Hose Clamp; Large Stainless Steel$0.99 each
Hose Clamp; Small Stainless Steel$0.99 each
HOSE STEM, 3/8B X 3/8MPT$5.99 each
Inline Diffusion Stone$19.99 each
Jockey Box; 1 Faucet; 50' Stainless Steel Coil; 18 Quart Cooler$245.99 each
Jockey Box; 2 Faucet; 50' Stainless Steel Coils; 48 Quart Cooler$349.99 each
Kent Systems 1/4" Barb Shutoff Female$9.29 each
Kent Systems 1/4" Barb Shutoff Male$10.49 each
Kent Systems 1/4" NPT Threaded Shutoff Female$6.99 each
Kent Systems 3/8" Barb Shutoff Female$9.29 each
Kent Systems 3/8" Barb Shutoff Male$10.49 each
Kettle Screen 1/2 Inch NPT$12.99 each
Magnetic Stir Bar 1.2 Inches$4.79 each
Magnetic Stir Bar 2 Inches$8.99 each
March 809-HS Home Brewing Pump$149.99 each
Oetiker Clamp 14.5$0.50 each
Oetiker Clamp 15.7$0.50 each
Oetiker Clamp 185R$0.50 each
Oetiker Clamp 19.8$0.50 each
O-Ring and Lube Kit for Hop Back Randall$1.99 each
Oxygen Regulator$54.99 each
PicoBrew Zymatic® With Keg$1,999.99 each
PTFE Tape AKA "Teflon Tape"$1.99 each
Red Cheese Wax 1 Pound$7.99 per pound
Refrigerator Thermostat$79.99 each
RELIEF VLV, 1/4MPT 150PSI (S/S)$9.99 each
Ricki's Basic Cheese Making Kit$29.99 each
Sanitary Air Filter$3.99 each
Shank Flange$2.79 each
Silicone O-ring$0.99 each
Splicer, 1/4B X 3/8B$2.99 each
Stainless 1/2" Dip Tube$12.99 each
Stainless Steel 32 oz Ladle$11.99 each
Stainless Steel Baster 18-1/4" length$9.99 each
Stainless Steel Double Roller Grape Crusher$379.99 each
Stainless Steel Female Quick Disconnect x 1/2" Barb$15.99 each
Stainless Steel Keg Dry Hopping Filter$19.99 each
Stainless Steel Kettle Hop Filter Screen$39.99 each
Stainless Steel Male Quick Disconnect x 1/2" FPT$9.99 each
Stainless Steel T-Screen$19.99 each
Stainless Steel Washer$1.99 each
Strainer; Stainless Steel 10" Diameter$19.99 each
Tablet Vegetable Rennet - 10 Tablets$7.99 each
The WHIP De-Gassing Rod by Fermtech$12.29 each
Tower Extension$39.99 each
Used Borosilicate Glass 1000 ML Graduated Cylinder$20.00 each
Used Borosilicate Glass 10000 ML Flask$40.00 each
Used Borosilicate Glass 2000 ML Erlenmeyer Flask$15.00 each
Used Borosilicate Glass 2000 ML Graduated Cylinder$25.00 each
Used Borosilicate Glass 500 ML Erlenmeyer Flask$6.00 each
Used Borosilicate Glass 5000 ML Flask$30.00 each
Victoria Grain Mill$65.90 each
Victoria/Corona Grain Mill Extra High Hopper$7.20 each
Washer; Garden Hose$0.50 each
Weldless Bulkhead With Valve$35.99 each
Weldless Sanke Keg Conversion Kit - All Stainless$85.99 each
Wine Thief / Test Jar Combo$9.99 each
Wine Thief; Adjustable$6.50 each
Wine Thief; Glass$5.49 each
Wort Aeration System$29.99 each