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CRYO HOPS® LupuLN2® Pellets Simcoe 1 oz


LupuLN2 will let you create beers with huge, juicy and resinous notes with reduced grassy and vegetal tones. A versatile dual purpose hop traditionally, the increased alpha acid in the LupuLN2 Simcoe highlights the resinous tones and the other flavor notes; tropical passion fruit, juicy berry, and deeply resinous pine and earthy characteristics. If using LupuLN2 for the first time, or if adapting an existing recipe, it is recommended to dose at a rate of 40-50% of intended hop pellets.

Alpha Acid: 21-25%
Total Oils: 2.5-4.0%

LupuLN2 is a concentrated form of lupulin from whole-leaf hop cones containing a bevy of aromatic oils and resins. It adds intense hop aromas and flavors without all the added astringent flavors or vegetative matter associated with large whole leaf or pellet hop additions. This enables brewers to dose their batches with large amount of hops worry free. If used in lower doses, it creates great low bitterness beers with highly enhanced hop flavor, bursting with juicy, resinous, and fruity characteristics. Utilized the same as traditional hops, LupuLN2 can be introduced into beer while in the kettle, whirlpool, knockout or hopback, or in the fermenter. While it can be used as a dry hop, LupuLN2 does present some challenges due to its powdered consistency and high oil content. It is not recommended to use for early addition hops to avoid boiling away the increased aroma notes. Using only half the weight of traditional pellet and whole leaf hops, LupuLN2 improves hop flavors while increasing potential brewery storage space and increased batch yields due to the reduced trub material.

Benefits of LupuLN2:
-Double the resin content of hop pellets
-Intense hop flavor & aroma contribution
-Reduced vegetal & polyphenol flavor contribution
-Uniform particle size distribution
-Preservation of the lupulin glands
-Increased yield and cost savings
-Produced in a controlled, nitrogen-rich environment

Cryohops are created using cryogenic hop processing technology. Whole hop cones are separated into concentrated lupulin at extremely low temperatures in a nitrogen-rich atmosphere, preventing opportunities for oxidation.

Price: $4.99 per ounce