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Carolina Yeast Yankee Ale (CYA01)


Name: Carolina Yeast CYA01 Yankee Ale
Product ID: CYA01
Lab: Carolina Yeast
Yeast Type: Ale
Yeast Form: Liquid
Availability: Year-Round

Flocculation: Medium-High
Min Attenuation: 77%
Max Attenuation: 81%
Min Temp: 65
Max Temp: 72
Alcohol Tolerance: 10.00%

Description: Perfect for classic hop-forward American IPA styles. It attenuates well, and leaves a full body and flavor that accentuates aromatic hops. A wide range of temperatures makes this strain a good house yeast, yielding slightly fruity esters at the high end and a cleaner profile at low temps. Ideal for high gravity IPAs.

White Labs Alternative: WLP095

Price: $6.99 each

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