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Carolina Yeast Belgian Ale (CYA09)


Name: Carolina Yeast CYA09 Belgian Ale
Product ID: CYA09
Lab: Carolina Yeast
Yeast Type: Ale
Yeast Form: Liquid
Availability: Year-Round

Flocculation: Low
Min Attenuation: 75%
Max Attenuation: 78%
Min Temp: 65
Max Temp: 80
Alcohol Tolerance: 12.00%

Description: This Belgian strain is highly alccohol tolerant suited well for strong Belgian ales. Typical fruity esters and phenolics are more subtle than with our Trappist strain, which may be more noticable as a tart finish, with a more pronounced malty profile.

White Labs Alternative: WLP570
Wyeast Alternative: 1388

Price: $6.99 each

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