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Carolina Yeast West London Yeast (CYA12)


Name: Carolina Yeast CYA12 West London Yeast
Product ID: CYA12
Lab: Carolina Yeast
Yeast Type: Ale
Yeast Form: Liquid
Availability: Year-Round

Flocculation: Very High
Min Attenuation: 77%
Max Attenuation: 83%
Min Temp: 64
Max Temp: 72
Alcohol Tolerance: 9.00%

Description: Our West London strain flocculates and creates malty, sweet beers like other English strains, yet with a fruit forward finish when fermented above 70F. Diacetyl rest typically required after yeast drops. Clear, bright beers are typical with this strain after a few days.

White Labs Alternative: WLP002
Wyeast Alternative: 1968
Lallemond/Danstar Alternative: London ESB

Price: $6.99 each

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