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Carolina Yeast Koln Ale (CYA13)


Name: Carolina Yeast CYA13 Koln Ale
Product ID: CYA13
Lab: Carolina Yeast
Yeast Type: Ale
Yeast Form: Liquid
Availability: Year-Round

Flocculation: Low
Min Attenuation: 80%
Max Attenuation: 84%
Min Temp: 57
Max Temp: 70
Alcohol Tolerance: 10.00%

Description: This yeast is ideally suited for Kolsch-style ales, with a clean lager finish and a bit of fruit notes when fermented as a pseudo-lager between 57-62F. Though it has a wide temperature range, the lager-like finish is present throughout that range, and only the esters and phenolics are more pronounced. The strain requires extended lagering or filtration to clear. Very little diacetyl produced.

White Labs Alternative: WLP029

Price: $6.99 each

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