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Carolina Yeast Bavarian Bock Lager (CYL05)


Name: Carolina Yeast CYL05 Bavarian Bock Lager
Product ID: CYL05
Lab: Carolina Yeast
Yeast Type: Lager
Yeast Form: Liquid
Availability: Year-Round

Flocculation: Medium
Min Attenuation: 74%
Max Attenuation: 78%
Min Temp: 49
Max Temp: 57
Alcohol Tolerance: 12.00%

Description: This strain gives some flavor to a typically muted lager yeast. The malt profile is much higher than the others and boosts hop character. It results in a full-bodied lager typically seen in bocks and Oktoberfest beers, and does very well as an interesting pilsner.

White Labs Alternative: WLP833
Wyeast Alternative: 2487

Price: $6.99 each

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