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Smaragd (German) Hop Pellets 1 oz


Pedigree: Bred at the Hop Research Center in Hüll, Germany
Brewing Usage: Aroma
Aroma: Predominantly fruity with hoppy and flowery tones
Alpha Acids: 4.0 — 6.0%
Beta Acids: 3.5 — 5.5%
Co-Humulone: 13 — 18% of alpha acids
Total Oil: 0.7 — 1.7 mls/100g
General Trade Perception: A fine aroma variety with high bitter value
Possible Substitutions: Unknown
Typical Beer Styles: Ales, Alt, Kölsch
Additional Information: Smaragd translates to Emerald in English

Price: $2.25  $1.00 per ounce