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Sale Products

The following items are currently on sale. For our full product catalog, please see our Products page. Sale items are subject to price changes, and availability of all products is not guaranteed. Call ahead to find out if what you need is currently in stock.

Crystal Hop Hash 1 oz$3.69  $1.00 per ounce
Pilgrim Hop (UK) Pellets 1 oz$2.00  $1.00 per ounce
Smaragd (German) Hop Pellets 1 oz$2.25  $1.00 per ounce
Sonnet (US) Hop Pellets 1 oz$2.50  $1.00 per ounce
Topaz (AU) Hop Pellets 1 oz$3.00  $1.00 per ounce
Whitbread Golding Variety (UK) Hop Pellets 1 oz$2.50  $1.00 per ounce
Corks and Corkers
Maroon with Gold Grapes PVC Shrink Capsules; Bag of 30$2.79  $1.99 each