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  • Calcium Carbonate

    Calcium Carbonate

    In beermaking: Chalk. Sometimes used for temporary hardness in dark beers. Adjusts pH up. In winemaking: Used to lower acidity levels. 2.5 grams per gallon will roughly lower acidity by .1%. It does not require cold stabilization to precipitate-out acid...

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  • Calcium Chloride

    Calcium Chloride (hydrated) is used to correct mineral deficiencies in water which is to be used for brewing. It is used in de-mineralized or soft to medium hard water to increase permanent hardness. Calcium Chloride is effective in eliminating the...

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  • Gypsum 50 Lb


    Reduces PH of water for mashing and sparging. Alters water profile -- used to harden soft water. Increase percieved hop bitterness.

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