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  • 1/2" Fermtech Auto Siphon

    1/2" Fermtech Auto Siphon

    The Fermtech Auto Siphon is a handy tool used in transferring and racking. Instead of manually starting a siphon as you would with a racking cane, all the auto siphon requires is a few quick pumps! Much easier and more convenient than a racking cane,...

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  • 3/8" Inch Auto Siphon

    3/8" Fermtech Auto Siphon

    Single stroke action draws a siphon without disturbing sediment. Precision designed for smooth, leak-free operation. Simple to sanitize, very easy to use. Removable tip prevents siphoning of sediment.

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  • 3/8" Mini Auto Siphon

    3/8" Mini Auto Siphon

    This mini auto siphon is just a smaller version of the standard auto siphon. This must have tool is the most efficient and sanitary way to transfer fluids from container to container or to bottle your beer.

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