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Five Star Chemicals

  • Five Star Beer Stone Remover 8 oz

    Five Star Beer Stone Remover 8 oz

    Beer Stone Remover from Five Star Chemicals is the perfect tool for removal of beer stone and scale. Directions: Use at rate of 1 oz. per gallon of water. Allow contact time of 10 min. Drain and...

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  • Five Star Star San 1 Gallon Five Star Star San 32 oz

    Five Star Star San

    Star San is an acid-based no-rinse sanitizer that is effective, easy to use, and works in just 1-2 minutes. The best sanitizer for beer and wine equipment. Use 1 ounce per 5 gallons of water

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  • Five Star Super Moss Hb 4 oz

    Five Star Super Moss 4 oz

    From Five Star Chemicals, Super Moss HB is a purified form of carrageenan (Irish Moss) that mixes quickly in cold water, and is more effective in removing coagulated protein matter from the boil than...

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